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At Porter's Wood Furniture Co our Victoria store is proud to say that all of our organic latex mattresses are constructed of 100% Organic Dunlop Latex, which is extracted from the Rubber Tree or Heavea Brasiliensis.

Our organic mattress line is built in Vancouver BC, which allows us to keep our prices low, as we do not have shipping across the country built into our price, like some of our competitors. On that same thought, local manufacturing minimizes the carbon footprint avoiding the long distance transport by truck.

Organic Latex Mattress Manufacturing Process

First the Hevea Brasiliensis trees are tapped for extraction of the raw latex. This process is similar to tapping a Maple tree in the early stages of producing syrup. After the milky white raw latex is extracted, it needs to be whipped to mix an ample amount of air. This could be compared with whisking whipping cream. The thick liquid is converted into a fluffy solid consistency. Once the viscosity is just right, it’s poured into moulds with natural soaps added to increase the viscosity into a a more solid consistency. This thick jellow like mixture is heated in a process called vulcanization. This process allows the organic latex polymers to complete a permanent bond, resulting in solid rubber foam. After allowing the rubber foam to cool, it is thoroughly washed to remove residual proteins.

Benefits of an Organic Latex Mattress

Support and comfort
These natural mattresses provide unparalleled support, with a surprising soft comfort level. People are always amazed with the return or support as the mattress embraces every convex contour, and how quick it is to return into every concave contour. Latex is so supportive it can be described as bouncy.

Temperature control
This high resilience, and low hysteresis allows your body to change sleeping position with minimal resistance. This is ideal for light sleepers and people who sleep hot. Your body doesn’t fight the mattress through the night, allowing you to be undisturbed and enter your deep, restorative sleep. The organic latex is constructed with pinholes, which allows air to circulate through the natural mattress, creating a cool, ventilated sleeping surface.

Latex is a premium product, arguably the most durable bedding material available. These products are covered with a 20-25 year warranty to prove it.

Sustainable & Anti-Microbial
Organic Dunlop is 100% natural and is the only foam that does not contain petrochemicals. Dunlop Latex prohibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Mattress Covers

There are two different cover options for your natural mattress. The Aria & Allegro mattresses include a 4 way stretch 50% Tencel / 50% polyester cover. The Encore, Medley, and Harp, have 5.4lbs (based on a queen) of 100% pure, untreated, virgin wool, quilted into the organic cotton cover.

Thank you for having a look, we can talk about mattresses forever, but no two bodies are the same, we highly recommend you visit our store and test these amazing mattresses for yourself. Only you will be able to tell what mattress best suites your body.

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Aria 6" Mattress
Organic Latex
reg $950-$1885

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Allegro 8" Mattress
Organic Latex
reg $1235-$2435

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Encore 8" Mattress
Organic Latex

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Medley 8" Mattress
Organic Latex

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Harp 10" Mattress
Organic Latex 

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Organic latex mattresses are a popular alternative to spring mattresses. Though they are a bit more of an investment than conventional mattress choices they pay off in the better sleep and product longevity that they offer. Latex mattresses offer better support, more ventilation, and last longer than most mattresses. They can be made of 100% organic materials or partially synthetic; however, our mattresses are made of 100% organic Dunlop latex.

What is Dunlop Latex and Why is it the Superior Latex?

There are a couple of different ways to process latex – Dunlop and Talalay.

Dunlop Latex is a process that was developed in 1929 and is still used to this day. This process creates the only 100% organic latex material that offers the most durability, density, and support. The process offers the consumer a product that is better for personal health and the environment.

The Talalay Latex process is similar to the Dunlop process but because of some key differences is unable to receive Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification. This process also utilizes synthetic materials as well as organic materials. This is why we use only Dunlop Latex in our mattresses.

How Do Latex Mattresses Improve Sleep?

The remarkable advantages of organic latex mattresses have been studied and the results show several key reasons that they offer improved sleep to consumers.

One major reason is the superior ventilation from the pin-hole formations from the construction process of the latex. These pin-holes allow for breathability that will keep you cool while you sleep.

Latex is known for having a bounciness, which also improves sleep. Because of the hysteresis of the latex – or the bouncy nature of the latex, it almost acts as a shock absorber for the body. This does two things. One, it produces less dramatic movements when you do need to shift in your sleep. As well, it cushions the body in such a way that less movement is required throughout the night to remain comfortable. It is natural for the body to need to make minor adjustments throughout the night – to shift and alter where weight is resting in the body. However, with most mattresses because of a lack of support, the body requires more drastic adjustments to stay comfortable – resulting in the need to wake up to toss and turn. If the body only has to make micro movements through the night, then you can stay in deep sleep, never needing to wake up to adjust at all.

Dunlop Latex is known for its high density, which naturally translates into higher support. However, there is an added advantage to having high support, high density materials and that is that the mattress itself can be made softer. This means you can have a softer, more comfortable mattress without sacrificing the necessary support for healthy and restful sleep.

Why Choose a Latex Mattress?

There are obvious advantages to owning an organic mattress for better sleep, but why else should one chose an organic latex mattress?

They are good for the environment. Dunlop Latex is made from a sustainable material that doesn’t harm the environment or the consumer. This should make the health and environment conscious consumer rest easier!

They are cost effective. Because of the durability of the materials used in these mattresses they are covered under warrantee for up to 25 years!

They are anti-microbial. Another reason that these mattresses can last so long is that they discourage the growth of bacteria and fungus. This means that you can feel at ease knowing that you are not just collecting a petri dish of organisms over the lifetime of your mattress!