3 Reasons to Consider Investing in A Storage Bed

The average person will spend nearly 230,000 hours of their life sleeping, which is approximately 26 years in length - that doesn’t even take into account the lazy days where all we want to do is lie in bed and watch movies! Picking out the right bed is an important decision; you want something comfortable, spacious and practical! Speaking of practicality, more and more homeowners are investing in storage beds for their master bedroom because they offer them more than traditional beds. Here are three reasons to consider investing in a storage bed. 


More Room to Decorate 


Storage beds are great space-savers! Beds take up a lot of floor space, and because of that, homeowners may be limited in terms of their decorating options. If you invest in a storage bed, you will have the option to store items in compartments located in the bed frame. You can store anything in these compartments, from clothing and books to shoes and midnight snacks! Storage beds will open up more floor space in your bedroom, which you can then use to decorate with nightstands, wardrobes, tables, desks or bookcases! 


Practical for Small Spaces


We hear from many homeowners that they’re looking for practical solutions for their small living space - many homeowners don’t have the closet space, nor the floor space, to invest in multiple pieces of furniture to store their clothing and other items. A lack of available floor space can quickly result in excess clutter and disorganization. In situations like these, a storage bed will give homeowners a compact, versatile bedroom solution that will reduce clutter and serve as a resourceful piece of custom furniture.


Choice of Style


The best thing about working with different types of homeowners is getting to know them and their sense of style. What works for one homeowner may be the worst thing to suggest for another homeowner. The more exposed we are to new and different ideas, the better we are at providing future customers with ideas and recommendations. When it comes to storage beds, they should be considered as a long-term investment; we want homeowners to select a piece of furniture that will grace their bedrooms for the rest of their lives. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to offer the greatest variety of storage beds to homeowners in Victoria, BC and the surrounding area. Porter’s Wood Furniture Co. is proud to offer storage beds that come in a variety of different styles, colours and sizes - there’s something for everyone here! 


Not only are storage beds ideal for most homeowners, but they are carefully crafted by industry leaders to ensure the highest standard of quality is maintained. If you’re in the market for a new bed, feel free to contact the pros at Porter’s Wood Furniture Co. today!